My Practise Brickfilm Gallery Part 2

My Practise Brickfilm Gallery Part 2

Here are some more of my practise video's I that made beforeI start to make my proper Brickfilm'

Small Vehicle's Practise Video

Vehicle Practise Brickfilm

Multiple Vehicle Practise Brickfilm

Updated Multiple Vehicle Practise Brickfilm

Helicopter Practise Brickfilm

Updated Helicopter Practise Brickfilm

Practise Lego Batman Scene Brickfilm

Practise Lego Batman fight Scene Brickfilm

I hope that after seeing all the different Brickfilm Practise attempts that I made to get better at Brickfilming, I hope that everyone knows that even thought it might seem hard to make your own lego stop-motion video's called Brickfilm's. When in actually fact it is  kind of easy after all the most important thing needed in creating a brickfilm besides Lego is Imagination and creative also to just have fun while you make the brickfilm