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  • FAQ Page: Possible maybe add more Questions with Answers

  • Brickfilm Gallery Page: Add new Brickfilms or Replace Existing Brickfilms, maybe move some Brickfilms also some Sub-Pages for certain type of Brickfilms

  • Lego MOC Page :- Completely remaking page with new updated  Custom Lego MOC's and Updated customized Modular Set MOC's might take a couple of days or weeks before publish on website sorry for the inconvenience

  • Home Page :- will be changing the main picture of my old lego city and replace with a picture of my new lego city once it is complete  


  • I hope that everyone is still doing good and keeping busy during these hard times I would just like to say that I am still so sorry that the have not been any new Brickfilms made I am still just very busy now just going to be getting a big shed build to be my brickfilming studio and to be the permanent location for my lego city and my massive varoius assortment of different lego bricks & pieces. The shed and getting eletrics runnings to the shed should hopefully be done within the next two months so sorry for very big major inconvenience 

  • Once I have started making new brickfilms I will be making both an Twitter and Instagram account

  • Two things I will be doing in the meantime while I am waiting for both my shed to be Built and Eletricials to be run straight to it aswell. 1.) I will be starting on building certain sets from the big Brickfilm that I am going to be doing within the future 2.) I will start remaking My Lego Moc and Customized Modular buildings Page


If anyone would like to have their own brickfilms on the website please don't hesitate to contact me by either clicking the link below and leaving me a message or call