My Brickfilm Gallery Part 2

My Brickfilm Gallery Part 2

Big Batman Brickfilm

Published Date : 23rd July 2016

Description: This brickfilm starts as a normal city day until the joker and Harley Quinn go to rob the museum, Batgirl tries to stop them but with her defeat it is up to the dark knight himself Batman to bring both the clown prince of crime and harley quinn to justice 

Batman and Batgirl VS Bane Brickfilm 

Published Date: 27th December 2016

Description: In this brickfilm it is a normal day until the criminal Bane and his crew start to cause trouble, Batgirl tries to stop them on her own but it seems like she will need some help from Batman after Bane and his crew are taken care of the batsignal goes off looks like the is more trouble in the city.

Batman Brickfilm

Published Date: 18 May 2015

Description: the Joker and the riddler meet up in an abannoned warehouse to discuss something and while they talk the is a bunch of criminals with guns guarding until Batman arrives to takes them out, then he goes to take down both the joker and riddler. Later on both criminals tare taken away in handcuffs 

Small Cinema Brickfilm 

Published Date: 31st July 2015

Description: this brickfilm is of a normal time at the cinema were minifigure's go get their tickects then take their seat after that has happen the cinema thearter intro starts