Here are some some questions that I have been asked in the past, if you have got any certain questions that is isn't shown on this page please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer them!


Q. Why animate with Lego

A. Lego has a massive Minifigure Collection, We imagine stories with our Lego creations when we are Kids... realizing them and making them in films called Brickfilms is the next Big step.  Also, Lego enables you to do things that aren't so easily achieved in live action films.  Imagine making a space opera live action, then with Lego!

Q.  How do you measure success with a brickfilm?

A.Some Brickfilmer's measure their success in how many views their videos/Brickfilm's receives. I don't.  For me success is one of two major things:- 1) the sense of accomplishment for creating a good Brickfilm with Lego that people will enjoy, and 2) Any comments from possible viewers.

Q.  What does it takes to be successful at Brickfilmming(Lego Stop-Motion Animation)?

A.To be successful at Lego animation for me I think requires 3 elements, in order of priority:-  1) Patience and imagination 2) A well-written story with a  good solid message or theme, and 3) Technical skills.  I think 3 isn't as crucial as  1 and 2 but not to be neglected.  Viewers will overlook amateurish animation if the story is entertaining or thought-provoking.  One's technical expertise increases with practice.  

Q.Overall what is your opinion of the brickfilming community?

A.My overall opinion of Brickfilming: Making Brickfilming is great it opens up the imagination a lot.  My reasons are:- 1) their films would open a whole new perspective, 2) there'd be a wider pool of both male and female voice actors/ actress, 3) you can create anything Lego that your mind think of and 4) Lego is unversially  for everyone.

Q. What kind of lights do you use? 

A. I now use two maybe even  three floor lamps with the moveable desktop head which makes it easier to me to reposition were the light is going but I orignally used two of the small desktop laptop

Q. Can you give me some tips/advice for making stopmotion videos

A. 1) Buy some books like the LEGO Animation Book by David Pagano and David Pickett or even the

Lego Make Your Own Movie: 100% Official LEGO Guide to Stop-Motion Animation Book by Klutz which actually comes with 36 Lego elements to help you get started on making your first Brickfilm 

2) Keep practising  and don't worry if you think that your brickfilms don't look or aren't good because it takes time and alot of practise 

3) If after you have made a brickfilm that you want to show off to the world but are getting cold feet because you start to worry about how other people are going to react, I will gladly make a page to show off your brickfilms also I will never take any credit for the brickfilms that are created