My Brickfilm Gallery

My Brickfilm Gallery

This page is a gallery of the brickfilms that I have maded.

Autism & Aspergers Society Brickfilm


This brickfilm portrays a busy day at the Autism & Aspergers Society Hub with all Minifigures representing an actual person who goes to the real hub itself. 

Autism & Aspergers Society Verision 2 Brickfilm


This Brickfilm represents a busy day at the new Autism & Aspergers Society Hub and all minifigures in this brickfilm represent both the service users and volunteers who go to the actual hub itself.

Batman Brickfilm


The Riddler and The Joker meet up to discuss what the next evil plan will be, but the dark knight himself turns up to bring them and thier henchmen to justice.

Big Batman Brickfilm


A normal busy day at the city museum until the Joker, Harley Quinn with a handful of henchmens arrive to get ready to rob it, Batgirl tries to stop them but when all else fails The Dark Knight arrives in time to  save the day and bring the criminals to justice. 

Batman and Batgirl Vs Bane Brickfilm


A normal day in the city until bane and his henchmen start causing trouble, Batgirl tries to defeat them all herself but it looks like she will need some help from Batman.


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