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How To Make A Brickfilm

1.) Go on a video sharing website like Youtube and search for LEGO movies, to get ideas. (Examples:LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Mario, LEGO Batman.etc.)

2.) Make sure you have all of your materials.

3.) Build and stage your set, this could be 100% Lego, a real world scene or a combination of the two. Be sure to look through the camera you'll be using, to get a sense of how your video will look. While you're doing this you can check for unwanted elements that need to be covered up or camouflaged, especially in the background.

4.) Next get the Lego minifigure actors ready. As the stock minifigure heads are very static you may want to have a few suitable heads ready to go if you'd like for your actors to be expressive. If you can't find heads that work you could always paint some yourself.

5.) Position the starting scene of your movie and your camera keeping in mind that it is imperative that the camera be immobilized; otherwise your finished video will be jerky. Use a tripod or similar device to keep the camera still, then take the picture.

6.) Now it is time to move the actors in your scene, but just a little bit. It is easiest to move the character about two paces on the platform or about half an inch on the floor. Continue this until you are done with your movie.

7.) Use any stop motion application on your computer that can make variable fps time settings. preferably one that can set up to 15fps, It will give the best results.

8.) Go on iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or another movie making program and import your photos.

9.) Delete any extra photos and put them in the correct order.

10.) Watch your movie using the sideshow setting.

Below are a hand full of videos featuring other fellow Brickfilmers showing how to make a Brickfilm, Hope that you find them all useful and helpful while you are planning how to make your very own Brickfilm

Brickfilmer/YouTube Name: Jett Williams

Brickfilmer/YouTube Name: Headpods Productions 

Brickfilmer/YouTube Name: DiddyLegoProductions

Brickfilmer/YouTube Name: Howcast

Brickfilmer/YouTube Name: Brick Animation 21

Brickfilmer/YouTube Name: ONBEATMAN

Brickfilmer/Youtube Name:

Hamster Productions

Brickfilmer/Youtube Name:


There are many more other Brickfilm Tutorial Video's on Youtube from other skilled Brickfilmers


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